The need for state-of-the-art solutions in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) is critical in today’s security environment. Vision4ce LLC supports the defense and security industry with a range of solutions.

Rugged Computing and Recording

Vision4ce’s rugged computing solutions allow for deployment of general purpose computing capabilities into military-grade systems. Solutions are suitable for air, land and sea platforms where shock, vibration, and extended operation temperature range requirements are common. Browse our GRIP and TRUPER lines to start building your rugged solution.

Video Detection & Tracking

Vision4ce provides customers the ability to efficiently detect and track multiple targets. Our video tracker solutions analyze video image sequences from a sensor system (one or more cameras) mounted on a servo-controlled pedestal and control the platform position and rate ensuring the camera follows the target object. Learn More

Situational Awareness

Innovative solutions are needed to provide an accurate and timely view of the rest of the surroundings to detect dangers and prevent unwelcome surprises. Vision4ce’s 360° Situational Awareness solutions provide an accurate and real-time view of the surroundings, whether in a stationary or mobile environment, supplying system operators, warfighters, or security personnel with actionable data. Learn More

Video Management DC-X EO/IR Integration

Vision4ce provides the hardware and software you require, but we know that it takes more than products to get the job done. We provide EO system integration support services to ensure all components are working together and your project gets to the finish line. Contact us to discuss how we can help ensure the success of your project, and download datasheets about our video managmement products below:

Situational Awareness

Vision4ce® Rugged Video Processing Distribution and Control

Embedded Image Processing

Vision4ce’s experience in combined hardware and software solutions contributes to our customers’ success. Areas we can help include image stabilization, detection, recognition, fusion, as well as other image analysis applications. Our expertise in video processing includes video recording, streaming, and compression. We stand ready to assist by new functionality and increased capability to our partners’ EO product offerings. Contact us to discuss how we might support your success.

Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard systems we develop custom Electro-Optical (EO) system solutions for our partners. Our application experience includes:

  • UAV & UGV
  • Naval Fire Control
  • Gun Alignment & Analysis
  • Test Range Instrumentation
  • EO System Management

Contact us to discuss custom solutions.

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