Digital Compression and Streaming

DCX Compression System

We are now proud to offer both cloud and locally hosted tools to manage video intelligently and seamlessly throughout any network environment from the source to storage.

Why DCX Technology?

The DCX System is the only technology to successfully combine and interlace Wavelet and Differential compression. The result is reduced file size and bandwidth utilization without significant loss of image quality.

DCX compression delivers a 50% - 90% performance advantage over MPEG-4 and h.264 compression and up to 80% performance advantage over h.265. DCX can further compress h.264 and h.265 for additional efficiency and affordability.

Advantages of DCX Compression

DCX Provides Proven Benefits

Cloud Hosting

An appliance loaded with the DCX encoder is installed between the camera and the network interface. The compression is applied and delivered across the network to a cloud based decompression and storage facility. Then, decompressed video can be delivered and distributed within your end user community

The stream can be converted to an RTSP stream for incorporation into most VMS systems.

Storage of video is also provided with this solution.

Graphic of DCX working on a local network

Local Hosting

A loaded appliance is provided for the source video. Decoding takes place on a server within the customer network, loaded with the proper software set. Distribution and storage are at the customer's direction.

Vision4ceĀ® will work directly with the customer to build a customized engineering solution for distribution and storage based on the customer's requirements.

Software Highlights

  • Video compression ratio: Supports image sizes from 80 x 60 to 4024 x 4024; up to 750 to 1 (lossy); up to 350 to 1 (lossless)
  • Frame rates: from 1 to 60 fps; up to 256 grayscale support
  • Real-time de-interlacing: 640 x 480 video
  • Format support: ISO headers support and user-defined encryption metadata; major audio compression all formats
  • Compression ratio control: Precise with variable rate compression for low bandwidth or 3G transmission protocols
  • Inline Conversion: includes dual streaming capability
  • Average frame size: less than 0.8kb at 30 fps and 320 x 240 pixel
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