Rugged Computing and Recording

Our rugged GRIP and TRUPER PCs and DVRs utilize the latest Intel, ARM and AMD mobile processors, and are capable of supporting powerful NVIDIA and AMD GPUs for high-performance GPGPU processing in standalone enclosures.

image of TRUPER 102
TRUPER® Computer and DVR

Low power, affordable, TRUPER® rugged computers and DVRs.

image of GRIP Epsilon
GRIP Computer and DVR

Rugged, sealed, high-performance, processors & DVRs.

Digital Compression and Streaming

Introducing cloud and locally hosted tools to manage video intelligently and seamlessly from the source to storage.

construction site with video camera surveillance
DCX Compression System

The DCX Compression System will assist in managing your network's bandwidth requirements, help lower costs in public network applications and provide secure, offsite storage of all video files.

Video Target Tracking

The Vision4ce® CHARM family of compact, embedded processors supports real-time image processing and video management in standard embedded formats including 3U VME, 6U VME and custom sizes.

The Vision4ce® DART software video tracker integrates detection and tracking algorithms for robust low latency tracking through diverse operating environments and mission scenarios. DART is hardware agnostic capable of running on most modern computer CPUs.

video tracker screenshot
DART and CHARM Video Trackers

Embedded software and hardware video trackers.

AUDS Counter UAS Tracker image
Drone Detection and Tracking

Detection and tracking software for UAV and drone detection and tracking.

Video Management

Complementing our rugged hardware and processors are GRIP-VMS, a modular video management software suite that supports image processing and video surveillance applications, and 360° Situational Awareness Video Processor (SAVP), a highly customizable package, ideal for both new and legacy sensor packages.

GRIP VMS diagram

Video management software for situational awareness, surveillance, military test range, and advanced image processing.

image of situational awareness software screenshot
360° Situational Awareness Video Processor (SAVP)

Advanced image capture and processing technology.

Custom Solutions

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In addition to our standard systems we are able to develop custom Electro-Optical (EO) system solutions for our clients. Our application experience includes:

  • UAV & UGV
  • Naval Fire Control
  • Gun Alignment & Analysis
  • Test Range Instrumentation
  • EO System Management
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