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Video Target Tracking Image
Video Target Tracking Image

DART Software Video Tracker

The Vision4ce® DART (Detection, Acquisition, with Robust Tracking) target tracking product is an embedded software based tracker that can use either a Linux or Windows based system for video tracking and image processing applications.

A video tracker analyzes video image sequences from a sensor system (one or more cameras), mounted on a servo controlled pedestal (platform) to keep the camera pointing at the nominated person or object. In this context a Tracker has two primary processing functions.

DART is able to provide the user with these functions as components within the GRIP-VMS modular video management system or as a stand-alone application.

The application is able to run on a commercial desktop or laptop PC, the improved speed and commercial availability of multicore CPUs make an off-the shelf, embedded software tracking platform increasingly powerful and achievable. For OEM customers we can also offer custom solutions tailored for specific or non-standard hardware platforms.

Existing hardware based tracking systems are in general highly proprietary and expensive to adapt to meet a particular tracking requirement. In contrast Vision4ce®'s DART software based tracker allows for rapid implementation of new and different tracking algorithms offering advanced functionality and low research and development costs. The software's architecture can also take advantage of commercially available peripherals (e.g., touch screen monitors, joystick controllers, image capture cards, etc.).

Key Features

GRIP Hardware

DART is fully compatible with the Vision4ce® GRIP range of rugged PCs, enabling a complete, low cost, detection and tracking system to be implemented using COTS hardware.

CHARM Embedded Hardware Video Tracker

The Vision4ce® CHARM product (Compact Hardware - ARM) uses the DART detection and target tracking software hosted on an embedded multicore ARM processor board for video tracking and image processing applications.

picture of CHARM module

CHARM Module

The CHARM module can be integrated by the end customer to meet specific application and interface types. Vision4ce® also can provide a baseline carrier board that is populated with a generic range of interfaces for integration into customer systems for initial evaluation.




charm board 360


The CHARM board is a standalone video tracker board which allows direct connection to standard video and data interfaces.




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