The History of Vision4ce LLC

Vision4ce LLC launched in 2007 to address the market demand for increasingly capable imaging and video sensor processing needs. The proliferation of visual, thermal, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral sensors throughout military, first responder, industrial and consumer applications has resulted in an abundance of video in every aspect of our lives. This is especially true in the unmanned intelligence gathering market. We supply video-centric rugged high-performance computing, real-time image enhancement, and video management to provide actionable intelligence data for mission success.

Vision4ce products have been installed in manned and unmanned ships, aircraft, and ground vehicles. Our video tracking, situational awareness, and recording applications are in use worldwide.


We aim to be the partner of choice in solving the challenges of how to process, stream and store video. We are small, smart and speedy and determined to be a valuable contributor to the success of our partners.

Real-time Image and Signal Processing

We provide responsive, innovative and affordable image processing and video management solutions for both simple and sophisticated electro-optical and video systems. We start with established mature baselines that can be customized to meet our partners unique product requirements with cost-effective applications and features that can be provided stand alone or integrated into more extensive sensor systems.

Our technical team has a strong foundation in the design, development, integration and deployment of solutions for challenging real-world, real-time image processing, video management and EO system control applications. Our collaborative approach can serve to augment our partners development team to reduce cost and speed system deployment.


Technical Expertise

The Vision4ce® engineering team has over 100 years of experience in electro-optical, security and surveillance applications. Our expertise includes:

  • Rugged computing
  • Compact high-performance embedded processors
  • Video Management Systems
  • Video compression, and encryption
  • Recording, storage and streaming
  • Sensor control and imager integration
  • Target detection and video tracking
  • Continuous 360° and sector awareness
  • Image stabilization and sensor fusion
  • Real-time vision algorithms
  • Stabilized precise sensor positioning and pointing
  • Targeting and ballistics computation
Custom Solutions