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DCX - Digital Streaming and Video Compression System

Vision4ce (pronounced Vision Force!) Proudly introduces the DCX Video Compression and Storage Solution. This highly customizable solution offers a unique, video compression technology that combines two encoding methodologies—Wavelet Compression and Differential Compression, into a powerful bandwidth optimization tool.

DCX is available as a turn-key solution that can be cloud based or locally hosted. Additionally DCX is available as software as a Service (SaaS.) DCX has been installed in “Smart Cities” architectures, remote site security systems and neighbor safety and security networks. Please refer to the specifications tab for DCX product details or contact us directly at or call us at Tel: +1.410.384.9181 . Please also check out our other rugged PC and video tracking products. We support customization and quantity discounts.

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Unprecedented Performance = Lower Costs

DCX offers improved digital performance compressing raw video or other video coding inputs that include analog, USB, JPEG, MPEG-4, H264 and H265 video compression standards. This proprietary compression system delivers a measurable advantage over standard codecs. The chart below indicates the value added, nominal reduction percentages attained by applying the DCX video compression system to the most popular video data transfer protocols. DCX features 2048 AES encryption ad a patented video chain-of-custody capability.

Table 1: Video Size Reductions Using DCX for Different Digital Formats

Source Initial File Size After Compression Nominal Reduction
Analog 6 Mbps 120-150 Kbps 98%
USB 250-300 Kbps 20-60 Kbps 80%
JPEG/MPEG-4 600 Kbps 120-150 Kbps 60%
H265 300 Kbps 64-28 Kbps 40%



Video compression ratio:
• Supports image sizes from 80 x 60 to 4024 x 4024;
• Up to 750 to 1 (lossey); up to 350 to 1 (lossless)

Frame rates:
• from 1 to 60 fps; up to 256 grayscale support

Real-time de-interlacing:
• 640 x 480 video

Format support:
• ISO headers support and user-defined encryption metadata;

Major audio compression all formats

Compression ratio control:
• Precise with variable rate compression for low bandwidth or 3G transmission protocols

Inline Conversion:
• includes dual streaming capability

Average frame size:
• less than 0.8kb at 30 fps and 320 x 240 pixel

◦ DCX™ is a real-time, HD compression algorithm that compresses and encrypts imagery, frame by frame, on the fly, in real time at 30 frames per second, on today's typical quad core processors available as COTS products from AMD, Intel, ARM, and QualComm and industry standard operating systems such as Linux and Android.

◦ The imagery (still and video) is transmitted using a VPN Tunnel and each frame is encrypted using 2048 bit encryption, which ensures the authenticity of the stream and addresses evidence chain of custody requirements.

◦ This compiled software algorithm based approach is ideal for embedded systems and lower SWAP implementations utilizing ASICs and FPGAs.

◦ DCX™ compression algorithm further reduces industry standards H.264 and MPEG4 up to 90%. This allows for the transmission of live, full motion HD video over low bandwidth networks starting at 100Kbs.

◦ Resolution and frame rate can be dynamically adjusted, in lossless and lossee modes, to make resolution/full motion video trade-offs for very low bandwidth networks. This allows the video to be tuned for pleasing human viewing perception or resolution for forensics and analytics.

◦ In addition, both video needs can be satisfied by using ‘I’ frames, whereby a frame or frames each second are sent at a higher resolution for forensics and analytics, while achieving smooth motion at a lower resolution for human viewing.

◦ It is also one of the few compression systems that can take previously compressed imagery and make it smaller without fully decoding the original.

◦ Original compressed imagery, in H264, jpg2000 or other formats, can be further reduced in file size as well as transmission bandwidth. This allows for easy conversion in legacy systems already in place.


Options and Applications


• Cloud or local hosting.

• Can be provided Software as a Service (SaaS)


• Remote site video compression and streaming

• Neighbor hood and residential security

• Smart Cities

• Building access control

• Body cameras

• Video chain-of-custody tool for evidentiary purposes

• Automated video analysis and recording