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Diagram of Video Management and Compression mapped out

DCX - Digital Streaming and Video Compression System

Vision4ce (pronounced Vision Force!) Proudly introduces the DCX Video Compression and Storage Solution. This highly customizable solution offers a unique, video compression technology that combines two encoding methodologies—Wavelet Compression and Differential Compression, into a powerful bandwidth optimization tool.

Unprecedented Performance = Lower Costs

The results speak for themselves! DCX offers improved digital performance for video coding inputs that include analog, USB, JPEG, MPEG-4, H264 and H265 video compression standards. This proprietary compression system delivers a measurable advantage over standard codecs. The chart below indicates the value added, nominal reduction percentages attained by applying the DCX video compression system to the most popular video data transfer protocols.

Table 1: Video Size Reductions Using DCX for Different Digital Formats

Source Initial File Size After Compression Nominal Reduction
Analog 6 Mbps 120-150 Kbps 98%
USB 250-300 Kbps 20-60 Kbps 80%
JPEG/MPEG-4 600 Kbps 120-150 Kbps 60%
H265 300 Kbps 64-28 Kbps  


DCX Algorithm Security Protection


By integrating the latest privacy network technologies with a unique, proprietary AES-based encryption protocol, DCX ensures that the transmittal and video storage procedures protect the integrity and security of transmitted data. This‘Chain of Custody’ security has been granted a US Patent for data integrity.

Software Highlights


• Video compression ratio: Supports image sizes from 80 x 60 to 4024 x 4024; Up to 750 to 1 (lossey); up to 350 to 1 (lossless)

• Frame rates: From 1 to 60 fps; up to 256 grayscale support

• Real-time de-interlacing: 640 x 480 video

• Format support: ISO headers support and user-defined encryption metadata; Major audio compression all formats

• Compression ratio control: Precise with variable rate compression for low bandwidth or 3G transmission protocols

• Inline Conversion: includes dual streaming capability

• Average frame size: less than 0.8kb at 30 fps and 320 x 240 pixel


Take Advantage of These Proven Benefits


Ease of installation in hosted or private networks

Simple integration into popular VMS solutions

Immediate ROI for cellular and satellite applications

Continued ROI in storage costs

Data Security & Patented ‘Chain of Custody’ modules included