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Leading Edge, Fully Integrated Solutions

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, situational information and data are everywhere. The challenge is sifting through the noise to find the critical signals on which to focus. Do not leave this important task solely to your operators. Enhance their efforts with advanced image capture & processing technology from Vision4ce™.

Our 360° Situational Awareness solutions offer state-of-the-art technology in comprehensive, yet highly intuitive systems. Customizable, the Vision4ceTM systems have the ability to integrate a multitude of sensor platforms, all controlled remotely by one or more users via standard IP networks.

With advanced command and control capabilities packaged in rugged, reliable platforms, you can be assured that your objective is being resourced by the most advanced technology available today. Inquire about our products and system integration services, and let Vision4ce™ help you maximize your ability to understand the environment around you.

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About Vision4ce

Vision4ce™ is a pioneer in the art of combining high performance data (latest technology CPU) with high performance real-time video (GPGPU, Multi-core APU and ARM) processing. In partnership with sensor suppliers or platform integrators, we offer a fully integrated system that can combine CPU, GPGPU and ARM technologies in a single rugged device. Our focus is on real-time video processing, a “sweet spot” in the Defense and Security budgets (ISR/UAV’s). We offer real-time electro-optical software, rugged hardware and integration services.

At Vision4ce&tm;, we make products that collect, record, and process video. We make sense of the immense amounts of video and sensor data to provide immediate and useful information for quick, often lifesaving decisions.

Vision4ce (pronounced Vision Force!) Proudly introduces the DCX Video Compression and Storage Solution. This highly customizable solution offers a unique, video compression technology that combines two encoding methodologies—Wavelet Compression and Differential Compression, into a powerful bandwidth optimization tool.

DCX is available as a turn-key solution that can be cloud based or locally hosted. Additionally DCX is available as software as a Service (SaaS.) DCX has been installed in “Smart Cities” architectures, remote site security systems and neighbor safety and security networks. Please refer to the specifications tab for DCX product details or contact us directly at or call us at Tel: +1.410.384.9181 . Please also check out our other rugged PC and video tracking products. We support customization and quantity discounts.



  • • Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces
  • • Full System Control
  • • Video Target Detection and Tracking (DART)
  • • Panoramic Display Formation
  • • Digital Video Recording
  • • Video Streaming
  • • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • • Image Enhancement
  • • Geodetic Positioning
  • • Ballistic Computation
  • • Support for SD and HD Video
  • • Remote Operation Over IP Network
  • • Integration w/ Surveillance Radars
  • • Multi-Language Support


Options and Applications


• Surveillance
• Target Detection
• Target Tracking
• Ballistic Fire Detection
• Mapping



• Military
• Intelligence
• Homeland Security
• Law Enforcement
• Private Security

Screen image of DS Situational Awareness USN Force Protection Screen image of DS Situational Awareness USN Force Protection