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Video Target Tracking

image tracking a jet-ski using IR Video
image of CHARM-104 board
image of CHARM Tracker Module
Tank that uses CHARM Module graphic of board image
Tanks that use CHARM Module graphic of board image

Embedded Video Tracker 100mm x 100mm

The Vision4ce CHARM-104 product uses the DART (Detection & Acquisition, with Robust Tracking) detection and target tracking software hosted on an embedded multicore processor board for video tracking and complex image processing applications.

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Video Detection & Tracking

A video tracker analyzes video image sequences from a sensor system (one or more cameras), mounted on a servo controlled pedestal (platform) to keep the camera pointing at the nominated person or object. In this context, a Tracker has two primary processing functions.
• Detecting and locating objects of interest in the video image (object location).
• Controlling the platform (Pan and Tilt) position and rate such that the camera follows the designated object (Pan and Tilt Control).


CHARM-104 Features:

Key Features
  • • Multiple object detection and tracking
  • • Centroid & edge measurement
  • • Feature based correlation algorithm
  • • Moving object detection
  • • Adaptive background removal
  • • Automatic coast
  • • Grey level invariant algorithms
  • • Robust clutter rejection
  • • Platform filters (optional)


  • • Two analog video (NTSC, RS710, PAL or CCIR) inputs
  • • Two analogue video (NTSC, RS710, PAL, CCIR) video outputs with selectable symbology overlay
  • • Host interface through RS-232 or RS422 serial interfaces
  • • Direct interface to sensors and Pan & Tilt platform through
  • • RS-232 or RS-422 serial interfaces
Additional Image Processing Options
  • • Electronic image stabilization
  • • Image enhancement
  • • Snapshot or Short loop H.264
  • • Digital video recording & playback
  • • Streaming of SD & HD video
  • • Multiple (x8) PAL/NTSC input option
  • • Security and surveillance
  • • UAV & UGV
  • • Manned vehicles
  • • Automated video analysis

CHARM-104 Options and Applications

The CHARM-104 board is a standalone video tracker board of PC104 Plus dimensions (4.5” x 4” or 114 x 102mm) just a little larger than a standard PC-104 board.

Various connectors allow for direct connection to standard industry video and data interfaces. Remote operation is available as an option with control and video data being streamed over the LAN


• 4 x RS232/422/485
• 2 x USB2.0 • 1xUSB 3.0
• GPIO and Analogue input output options
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet
• 4x NTSC/PAL/SECAM Composite Camera inputs. When this option is selected, no digital inputs are available. Use Mini PCIe expansion slot
• Digital video input selectable from HD-SDI, HDMI, RGB or YPbPr
• Two independent video outputs - HDMI and VGA
• Serial ATA 2.5 (SATA) @ 3 Gb/s
• Analogue Video output uses VGA to composite converter module


• +5VDC 7-9 watts


• Operating temperature -40C to +71C
• Passive heat sink available

UK Designed and Manufactured.
US and UK Technical Support