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Rugged 19” Rack Mount Digital Video Recorder

Touch Screen Video Recorder

The GRIP DVR-19 is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) rugged digital video recorder. The DVR is enclosed in a 3U, 19” rack mount chassis and incorporates a 7” touch screen LCD display on the front panel. The touch screen display is used for control of the DVR and review of the recorded video.

The standard DVR-19 configuration provides real time H.264 compression and recording of up to 4 analog video channels at full D1 resolution and frame rate. Recording options include, video quality, frame size and frame rate. The base 64 GB of internal solid state storage provides capacity for more than 110 hours of H.264 compressed video storage and a front panel USB 2.0 interface allows easy backup of video data to an external flash drive or hard disk.

Within the DVR-19 chassis internal shock isolation is used to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments where the unit is subjected to shock and vibration.

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GRIP PCs are rugged high performance computer platforms for image and video processing based on industrial PC hardware which is packaged in rugged, sealed enclosures for use in harsh environment applications. GRIPS provide almost full MILSPEC performance at a fraction of the cost of fully compliant rugged processors. GRIP rugged PCs use high performance Intel Core i7 CPUs and can also include the latest NVIDIA GPUs to support complex graphics requirements or high performance computing applications. Our rugged PCs have been installed in air, maritime, land and vehicle platforms, both manned and unmanned. Please refer to the specifications tab for GRIP Delta product details or contact us directly at or call us at +1.410.384.9181 . Please also check out our other rugged GRIP and TRUPER PC products. We support customization and quantity discounts.


• Intel x86 based processor
• Hardware video compression
• Solid state SATA II hard drive 60 to 512GB

I/O Connections:
• Video Input – PAL, NTSC, or HD HDMI, HD-SDI (720P or 1080P)
• DVI-D/HDMI or VGA Output for local viewing and control (touch overlay)
• Serial –1 RS232 / 422 / 485 capable, DB9
• USB – 2 USB 2.0 ports
• Ethernet 1 ports, 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ45
• Power – DC 10V to 32V

• Chassis and Connectors sealed to IP67
• Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
• Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
• Internal shock and Vibration isolation

• Power – DC 10V to 32V
• Automotive Power Supply Available
• Power consumption <40W

• Weight 11.0lbs, 5.0Kg
• Dimensions 11.1”x8.3”x 4.3” (280mm x 210mm x 110mm)

• EN55022 Class A, EN55024
• Part 15, Class A
• IEC 60533

Hardware Options:
• Custom connector panel
• WiFi, additional LAN + other 3 or 4G GSM modem
• 2nd SSD hard disk up to 1TB with encryption
• Additional serial ports, USB ports

Vision4ce DVR Products

Vision4ce also offers these alternative digital video recording products.

A network controlled digital video recorder and digital video distribution system. This compact and rugged IP67 sealed unit includes an IP video server that can be configured to distribute one or more input video streams over 100/1000Base-T Ethernet networks.

GRIPView Video Management System
The DVR function can also be supplied as part of our GRIPView video management system. This high performance software enables the complete control of electro-optical systems and is suitable for a wide variety of military surveillance, fire control, and test range applications.